Consult your doctor with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your blood sugar levels


Easy-to-use Insta-Glucose delivers 24 grams of fast-acting, rapidly-absorbed glucose, so it quickly boosts blood glucose levels.

Insta-Glucose offers a number of other important advantages:

    • Always ready and easy to use anytime, anywhere
    • Pre-measured to ensure you always get an exact amount of glucose
    • Easier to swallow than tablets, without the time delay of dissolving
    • Twist-off cap and squeeze tube for fast, easy use
    • Convenient room temperature storage
    • Triple pack lets you keep single-dose tubes in up to three locations: car, work, school, wherever!
    • Great-tasting cherry flavor


    • Liquid glucose
    • Purified water
    • Artificial cherry flavor
    • Methylparaben
    • Potassium sorbate
    • Sodium benzoate
    • Propylparaben


    • Twist off cap and discard
    • Bring tube to mouth and squeeze slowly and evenly, swallowing entire contents
    • If no response after 10 minutes, repeat with another tube. If condition persists or recurs, contact a doctor.


    • 25°C (77 °F)
    • Excursions permitted: 15-30°C (59-86°F)
    • Safe for travel

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